Renowned for her enchanting lyrical delivery and impeccable sense of timing, Lauren Bush stands as a contemporary Canadian jazz vocalist based in London, UK. Praised by All About Jazz as "the freshest and most exciting" presence on the scene, and hailed by Downbeat Magazine for her exceptional phrasing, diction, and scatting prowess, Lauren is a true standout.

Her debut album, All My Treasures, released in 2016, presented 12 meticulously chosen jazz standards. Produced by Ian Shaw, it garnered critical acclaim for its inventive arrangements and showcased Lauren's versatility, from vivacious renditions of tracks like "Sweet Georgia Brown" to the emotive ballads like "Detour Ahead."

In 2021, Lauren's sophomore release, Dream Away marked a milestone in her journey. Celebrated for its sophistication and including originals from both Lauren and her collaborators, the album achieved remarkable recognition, making it to the top 10 albums of the year on Bebop Spoken Here.

Lauren's highly anticipated Tide Rises album was released on 6th October 2023 on Mighty Quinn Records. The eagerly awaited collection of 10 tracks, including three penned by Lauren herself, promises to be a defining chapter in her artistic evolution. As Lauren's musical narrative continues to unfold, her unwavering commitment to innovation and emotive storytelling sets her apart as a luminous force in the world of jazz.

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