Mick Conefrey: Everest 1922 – The Epic Story of the First Attempt on the World’s Highest Mountain

A dramatic and compelling account of the first attempt to climb Mount Everest 100 years ago this year.

At a time when Everest was still a remote and inaccessible place, where only the bravest ventured, British mountaineer, George Mallory, a former teacher at Charterhouse School, led a team of intrepid adventurers on an expedition to reach the top.

But, as they made their third attempt on the summit, tragedy struck when the party was hit by an avalanche and seven men died. Using diaries, letters, and previously unpublished accounts, Conefrey recreates all the drama and bitter rivalries, that lay behind the epic adventure. It was 75 years before Mallory’s body was discovered on the mountain. Whether he reached the summit before he died remains the subject of much debate.

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