Touring with The Glass Age, singer-guitarist Dan Whitehouse renews, reinvents and reimagines - revealing how he carefully nurtured his creativity during an imposed stay in Japan from January 2020 to June 2021. Mike Davies ( calls this collection of songs a "meditation on the way human experience and connecting has changed through the medium of virtual communication….”

“The way we feel about one another doesn’t change, but the way we communicate is sometimes forced to. As humans we strive naturally to find new ways of communicating and surviving”, says Dan who uses his exceptional storytelling to explore the thin and fragile layer between digital and emotional life, his deeply poignant lyrics and atmospheric music moving the listener towards celebrating community spirit and connecting with authenticity.

Dan will sing all seven songs from The Glass Age along with a selection from his five previous albums and new collaboration Voices From The Cones, about the history and community of Stourbridge’s Glassworks.

The night will be opened by uplifting local choir Guildford Vox, who will also lend their joyful harmonies to one of Dan’s beautiful songs later in the evening.

“….. an intense, deeply personal performance. Each song a mournful lament to love and loss, and all the imposters dividing the two. Alternating between guitar frenzy and stripped back soundscapes, the fragility and vulnerability of the human spirit was laid bare in lyrics that cut to the bone. An awesome roller-coaster of a ride, and absolutely wonderful.” Beardy Folk Festival live review Festivals For All

“Dan is a national treasure…. a profound, innovative and talented songwriter.”

“For an album partly inspired by distance, barriers and locked-down-ness, people and connection ripple through The Glass Age." Arts Culture Mag

“I defy anyone not to see shadows of Leonard Cohen in the literary quality of the writing…. Dan's emotive singing brings in a sense of isolation and yearning for the real human contact we still need.” Fatea Mag


Thin Blue Line (filmed live at Real World studios)

Campfire (collaboration with Yoga Sunshine Totnes)

Rainbows Never End (live acoustic session at Penquit Studios)

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